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Pauline Wickens BFRP MVHF MFSEM


Pauline Wickens BFRP MVHF MFSEM is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner™ and Teacher based in the stunning spa town, Cheltenham, on the edge of the Cotswolds.

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1930’s and offer a simple way to manage everyday emotions and feel more yourself. Dr Bach wanted to give the power of healing to everyone, which is why he made his system as easy to use as possible.

I am an active member of the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners, which validates the work of Bach practitioners in more than sixty countries. I work under the Bach Centre’s Code of Practice, and I share a dedication to Dr Bach’s philosophy and ideals of simplicity and self-help.

Subtle Energy Medicine is an expanded form of both Crystal and Energy Healing. As everything in this world can be viewed in terms of energy then Subtle Energy Medicine is about the exploration of ourselves as complex beings of energy, existing in a world of energy, and how this relates to our life, health and well-being.

In addition to the use of crystals as a tool for healing I also use colour, sound and flowers in my healing sessions as appropriate.

I have a Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing having undertaken two years training with the Vibrational Healing Foundation (www.vibrationalhealingfoundation.co.uk) with whom I am also registered as a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner ™. I adhere to the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM) Code of Conduct (www.subtlehealth.org).

I also hold the FSEM Teacher Training Diploma and lead workshops and courses on subtle energy topics, crystal healing, meditation, inner development and related subjects with the aim of increasing awareness of subtle energies and their practical application in everyday life


The Bach Centre


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Following a successful early career in finance I trained as a holistic massage therapist in the mid-1990’s after the sudden passing of my mother caused me to reflect on my own work / life balance and the needs of my extended family. My experience with clients helped deepen my interest in the spiritual aspects of health and well-being and how our life experiences offer opportunities for self-discovery and self-awareness and a greater understanding of our life purpose.


Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine

Since then I undertook a period of personal and inner development training at The College of Psychic Studies in London on a variety of esoteric subjects including psychic development, astrology, meditation and the angelic realm, and including a period spent in a mediumship circle under the tutelage of Gerrie March. It was during my time with Gerrie that I discovered a gift for healing and since then I have made healing my life’s work.

Dr Bach said we should “accept the remedies as part of life” and throughout my personal healing journey the Bach Flowers have been a source of comfort and support. The greatest effect for me has been the awakening of my ability to see the value of my life experiences and how this is to serve me (and others) this lifetime. Human experience is subjective and subtle and by listening to our feelings, emotions and thoughts, and nurturing our spiritual lives we become all we can be, the finest representation of our inner soul, where our higher will and personal will aligns.