The following treatments are available which aim to restore wholeness, balance and health at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Energy Healing

Human beings have an innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in body, mind and spirit. The purpose of energy healing is to enhance, empower and assist this ability so that you may find your own point of balance.

My role is to act as the channel for the healing energies to help bring this about. This is done by assessing the condition of the energy systems and addressing them as appropriate.

During the healing the energy works to the point of greatest need which may not be where you experience the issue, but rather where the issue originates from.

Crystal Healing

This is like energy healing but is a more specialised form of healing and includes the use of crystals to help shape and focus the healing energies according to need and bring the systems within the auric field back into balance and harmony.

Crystals are highly powerful and effective tools for energy work and transformation and the unique vibration of each crystal helps absorb, release, transmute and clear blocked feelings or thought patterns. These blocks prevent energy from flowing freely and may manifest as stress, potentially leading to physical symptoms if not addressed. Placed on or around the body, the colour, shape and composition (inner geometry, form, chemicals) of the crystals create a resonance that encourages healing to take place.

Crystals can be used on most adults but care is required in the treatment of children under the age of 12 and those individuals who may be vulnerable or frail. Some conditions are contra-indicated e.g. cancer, epilepsy, pregnancy, some cardio-vascular conditions (including those individuals who have a pacemaker) and those receiving treatment for mental health issues.

  • PW
    Crystal Healing - Testimonial
    I cannot praise Pauline’s ability as a healer highly enough. She is naturally gifted and effortlessly uses her skills to transform peoples’ lives. Her holistic approach and intuitive ability are, in my opinion, second to none.
  • CS
    Crystal Healing Testimonial
    I have been sleeping so well after my crystal healing with you. I have also felt inspired and invigorated enough that I have signed up to a new course of study. Thank you for putting me on my right journey.
Distant Healing

For those individuals unable to travel I can offer distant healing. Distant healing is as powerful (if not more so) as healing in person. A brief discussion about the nature of the presenting issue is held beforehand so that I can focus healing where necessary. A fixed time is agreed and all that is required is for you to be in a state of relaxation and without interruption for the duration of the session before the session starts. This will ensure maximum benefit. Feedback is exchanged following the session.

Some people provide a photograph as a focus for the healing and crystals may also be incorporated in the healing session as appropriate.

  • CP
    Distant Healing Testimonial
    Something very significant shifted following my recent distant healing session. You are helping me to change the things I want changed and I am very grateful.