"Introductory Course in Bach Flower Remedies"

Two Day Course

Introductory Course in Bach Flower Remedies

Held in-person in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Dates:  Saturday 8th and Saturday 22nd June 2024

Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm each day

Venue: Isbourne Wellbeing Centre, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH


Participant Testimonials

"The way the information was given was easy to understand and clear. Pauline was very thorough, patient and knowledgeable"

"Learning about the remedies gives me a way to be proactive in my own health and to notice subtle differences in my mood and emotions. Having the power to help myself gives me confidence"

“An excellent course that I thoroughly enjoyed”

“I enjoyed the group dynamics”

"Bach Flower Training - Level 1 DLP"

The first of three core levels of training

The Bach Centre offers three core levels of training and Level 1 is a required foundation course for people wanting to attend one of the higher levels.

Level 1 is available in-person or by following a Distance Learning Programme. The L1 DLP is available anywhere in the world. You can start your training anytime.

What’s in the Distance Learning Programme?

The L1 DLP comprises five lessons and two required set books: The Bach Remedies Workbook and Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step. You can also order an optional audio CD Getting to Know the Bach Flower Remedies for a small additional cost.

Topics covered on Level 1 include:

  • an overview of all the remedies, including the traditional ‘rescue’ combinations
  • how to select remedies
  • how to take remedies
  • an introduction to helping friends, family and animals.

The L1 DLP involves a series of set tasks. You use the set books plus your own life experiences to find answers and write them down. Your mentor highlights areas where you may have missed something, and responds to any questions you have on the course material so as to clear up areas that you are not sure of.

How the Course Works

Following receipt of your application the Bach Centre will send you lesson 1 by email and any books you ordered by post. 

You will also be allocated a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner to be your mentor.

If you would like me to mentor you please add my name to the application form. There is no extra charge for this.

When you have completed the first lesson you send it direct to me. I mark your work and return it and the next lesson by email, answering any questions you have raised. When you send lesson two to me you receive lesson three, and so on until you have finished the course.

When you have completed the last lesson you will receive a Bach Centre-approved Level 1 certificate. This allows you entry to any Bach Centre-approved Level 2 course.

How long does L1 DLP take to complete?

 I aim to mark and return work within four weeks of receipt. In practice I usually turn work around faster than that. There are five lessons in total, so the time needed depends on how quickly you work. Three to four months is common.

Is there a pass mark or an exam?

There are no pass marks or assessments for the L1 DLP. It is an opportunity to learn and grow, and everyone who attends a course receives the corresponding certificate.

How do I join the Distance Learning Programme?

Follow this link to register and pay directly with the Bach Centre. Don’t forget to add my name to the application if you would like me to be your mentor.

Level 1 Distance Learning Programme - The Bach Centre

Free Talk on "Bach Flower Remedies for Stress"

Natural plant essences that provide emotional support


Bach Flower Remedies for Stress

Natural plant essences providing emotional support during challenging times

We will embark on a journey of discovery which will include: -

  • Dr Bach, his Philosophy of healing and Principles of the Bach system
  • The 38 remedies and their emotional states
  • How to choose remedies for common symptoms of stress e.g., anxiety, anger, insomnia and overwhelm
  • The Emergency Mix - for acute situations


Date : Thursday 23rd May 2024

Time : 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Venue : Isbourne Wellbeing Centre, 2 Wolseley Terrace, GL50 1TH

Price: FREE

Please reserve your place by calling 01242-254321

"Emotional Wisdom for the Menopause"


Following a successful in-person event, there will be another opportunity to join the Emotional Wisdom for the Menopause workshop online.

Date: to be announced

Time: to be announced

Price: to be announced


Participant Testimonials

"The course was well structured, and I enjoyed it very much, particularly the whole group parts of it"

"The handout on common symptoms and remedy suggestions was extremely useful"

"I'm particularly excited about receiving a bottle of remedies and the opportunity to discuss my selection with you"

Bach Flower Remedies for Personal Growth and Inner Development

Single Online Zoom Session

Natural flower essences providing emotional support during developmental challenges

We will embark on a journey of discovery which will include: -

  • Dr Bach, his Philosophy of healing and Principles of the Bach system
  • The 38 remedies and their emotional states
  • How to choose remedies for developmental challenges on the spiritual path
  • The Emergency Mix - for acute situations

Dates:  to be announced

Time: to be announced

Venue:  An Online Zoom Session


Participant Testimonials

"Excellent course that I thoroughly enjoyed"

"Enjoyed the group dynamics"


I also offer Talks / Presentations for groups, charities, societies or community organisations.

Recent talks and visits include:

  • Bach Flowers for Plants – offered to gardening clubs and societies in Gloucestershire
  • Boost your Emotional Wellbeing with the Bach Flower Remedies – offered to Women’s Institutes in Gloucestershire
  • Butterflies Cancer Support, Dorchester
  • Crewkerne Awareness, Somerset
  • The Living Tree Cancer Support group, Bridport
  • Bridport U3A Herbal Medicine Group