Subtle Energy Medicine and How it Works

How it Works

As a practitioner, I work within the electromagnetic field which surrounds each one of us and is commonly referred to as the bio-magnetic field or aura. The field consists of several different layers and within these layers are energy systems (e.g. chakras, meridians) which work together, affecting each other and the client as a whole.

The energy systems are known collectively as the subtle bodies.

As individuals we are highly complex beings of energy consisting of thoughts, emotions, memories and beliefs, which form part of our auric field, and as such no two people are the same.


Treatments are holistic which means that the focus is on the individual and not on physical symptoms. Healing is about helping the client move through their life experiences with more ease, achieving what they wish for and in their own way. Healing allows time for you – time to reconnect with yourself on an inner level. The aim is to restore wholeness, balance and health at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

It is not necessary to be unwell to benefit from healing which may be used to enhance an already healthful and abundant life.

Clients may experience a reduction in stress and tension, an improvement in their well-being through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater level of peace and harmony.

Healing often involves some form of change in a client’s overall way of being and may lead to improvements in self-confidence and self-esteem.

What happens during a treatment?

There will be a short questionnaire to complete prior to the treatment. You will then be asked to lie down, fully clothed, on a therapy couch or to sit on a chair. Each session begins with a short relaxation exercise. I work with my hands a short distance from the client’s body or sometimes using light touch with the client’s consent. Sound is also used during a treatment and this may be vocal or sounding a Tibetan singing bowl. Flowers have a strong resonance to the higher vibrations of the natural world and may occasionally be used to gently dissolve blockages in the auric field.

You may experience a variety of sensations, perhaps coolness, tingling, warmth or nothing at all. All that is required on the part of the client is openness and an awareness of the need for change and a commitment to seeing the process through. Changes occur at a subtle level and may take time to be reflected in the physical. You are likely to feel more relaxed after the treatment than before you arrived. Occasionally things intensify over three days after the treatment, and you may experience tiredness, insomnia or a temporary worsening of existing symptoms, but matters should normalise after this time.