Wellbeing and Self-Care Package

The last few years have been challenging for many people and the impact of the pandemic, societal and economic changes inevitably affect our ability to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

My new quarterly / bi-annual care package includes:-

  • healing, self-care and spiritual development tools
  • bringing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being back to harmony
  • empowering you to live the life you long to live.

First Session

90 minutes

  • Introductory conversation – what areas are of most concern?
  • Metaphysical diagnosis to assess subtle energy systems
  • Healing session of your choice

Second Session

4 to 6 weeks later - 2 hours

  • Share feedback
  • Introduce the Bach Flower Remedies – a self-healing system for emotional support
  • In-depth Bach consultation – includes bespoke remedy mix to take away
  • Action plan / tips for maintenance – includes exercises for mind, body and spirit

Third Session

4 to 6 weeks later - 2 hours

  • Distant healing session – to include crystals, flowers, sound – followed by feedback
  • Further hands-on healing / spiritual caregiving as required.

Final Session

4 to 6 weeks later - 90 minutes

  • Review progress in person / determine next steps
  • Final healing session of your choice.

It is my intention to partner you through this process of transformation in the best way I can. Benefits you might expect, include ;-


  • Reduced stress
  • More mental clarity
  • Better quality sleep
  • Greater self-awareness and self-compassion
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • New tools and strategies to enhance self-care and resilience

Your investment in this 7-hour package will be £300 which can be paid in monthly instalments.