Spiritual Development

September 28, 2023

Elements of Change – Water

Water brings life and movement and is a wonderful metaphor for life: water is reflective, receptive, releasing, its power lies in flow and change.
September 2, 2023

Reflections on a Qigong Retreat

"Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating energy"
June 22, 2023

Elements of Change – Fire

Fire is the element of transformation, it is the spark of life, consciousness and action.
February 19, 2023

Elements of Change – Air

This time between Imbolc and the Spring Equinox equates to the Air element
January 20, 2023

Procrastination – A Spiritual Perspective

Procrastination is the thief of time - or so the saying goes
January 4, 2023

Mandala for New Beginnings

Mandalas are used universally to promote healing and other positive states of being.